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Do you want to try taking Bing Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe quiz? If you want to try taking the quiz of Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe on Bing quiz, so you need to learn more about Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe. We think that it is very important for you to learn more about Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe before you join the quiz.

Usually, on the Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe quiz, you are going be asked to explain about what is Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe, where the location of Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe, the history of Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe, and anything related Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe. Apparently, there are many people who join this Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe quiz on Bing quiz. Now, time is for you to taking the quiz.

Now, we are going to explain about Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe. You have to know that Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe  is a landscape park in Kassel, Germany. Based on the research, the area of the park is 2.4 square kilometres (590 acres), creating it the largest European hillside park. Besides, the Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe is as the second largest park on a hill slope in the world. Construction of the Bergpark or “mountain park”, began in 1689 at the behest of the Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel and took approximately 150 years. Today, the park is open to the public. As of 2013, Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe is the landscape park in Kassel (Germany). It is situated west of the city centre at the foot of the Habichtswald hill range. It is also known for Kassel- Wilhelmshoehe station on the Hanover–Wurzburg high-speed railway line.


Originally, Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe built in the Baroque style of the Italian Garden and the French formal garden. It has water features running downhill in cascades to Schloss Wilhelmshoehe. Later, it was re-arranged into an English landscape garden. According to the research, in 1143, Canons Regular from Mainz founded the Weibenstein monastery at the site of Schloss Wilhelmshoehe. Landgrave of Hesse used the remaining buildings as a hunting lodge, largely rebuilt by his descendant Maurice the learned from 1606 to 1610.

The examples of questions are:

  • Where is the location of Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe?
  • When does Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe found?
  • Can you explain the description of Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe?
  • Do you know the history of Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe?
  • How large the area of Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe?

The quiz seem simply. We are sure that if you learn more about Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe, you are able to get the high score. Now, go to Bing to take a quiz about Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe. When you are at the homepage of Bing quiz, there, you can find many quizzes. Just focus to select Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe quiz on Bing. After you find  the quiz of Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe, then, you can click on Play Quiz. Next, you are able to answer all question. You have to note that you will given time to answer the question. Usually, the duration is various depending on the question. It may 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 8 minutes or more.

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