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In the Bing quiz, there are many quizzes that you can take such as Homepage quiz, News Quiz, Geography quiz, Celebrity Quiz, and some other puzzles and games. If you want to take the quiz, you can take it now.

Apparently, there are questions about Athens. If you want to test your knowledge about Athens, you have to learn more about Athens. Here we are going to share some examples of Bing Athens quiz as well information about Athens.

Bing Athens Quiz

Athens Quiz Questions and Answers

Below, we have some examples of quiz questions about Athens in the form of multiple choices.

1. Greater Athens has an area of ____ square miles.

A. 165
B. 160
C. 170
D. 180

Answer: A. 165 square miles

2. Athens lies ____ miles from the Bay of Phaleron, an inlet of the Aegean Sea where Piraeus is situated in a mountain-girt arid basin divided north-south by a line of hills.

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Answer: B. 5 miles (8 km)

3. Athens is a Beta global city based on the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. It is one of the biggest economic centers in ____

A. Asia
B. America
C. Canada
D. Southeastern Europe

Answer: D. Southeastern Europe

4. Athens ranks in the lowest percentage for the risk on frequency and severity of terrorist attacks based on the EU Global Terrorism Database. Also, the city ranked ___ in Digital Security,

A. 15th
B. 25th
C. 35th
D. 45th

Answer: 35th

5. The Athens area consists of ___ densely populated municipalities, scattering around the Municipality of Athens in all directions.

A. 45
B. 58
C. 63
D. 65

Answer: 58

How to play Bing Athens quiz?

If you want to try playing Bing Athens quiz, simply you are able to follow these steps below:

  • At the first step, you have to visit the official website of Bing. If the search engine settings is in any other language than English, so you have to change it first to English.
  • Then, you have to open the carousel which can be done by tapping the icon.
  • When you see the Bing logo tagged on Bing Weekly Quiz, you have to click on it. There you are going to find a quiz related to Athens.
  • Next, you are able to join the quiz for trying answer the questions. When you go to the quiz option, usually it will ask you 10 questions from top popular categories.
  • After you give all the answers to the questions, then Bing is going to show you the score or the point which you get. In the end of the quiz, the points that you have can be converted to the rewards. Or you can also share your score to your social media.

Bing Weekly Quiz is no doubt very popular in the United States. Many people who love to play the quizzes join this Bing Weekly Quiz. The quiz is very interesting, addictive and good thing to get knowledge. According to the research, after Bing Weekly Quiz was launched, more than 70% of users have joined the program. Bing updates its homepage regularly. They offer many quizzes so that many people know about the newest news and get the reward at the same time. Aside from that, Bing also added the polls feature that is one of the latest features of Bing Weekly Quiz. With this feature, you are able to review the polls and get points to convert them into cash afterward. The more points you get from the quiz, so the more money you can make.

Incredible Facts about Athens

Everyone may agree that Athens is an interesting city. Blessed with a rich cultural and historical past, this city is the subject of many known and also lesser known facts. Here is a list of incredible facts about Athens.

  • Athens is Europe’s oldest capital.

Records show that the city’s origins go back to around 3,400 years ago. It make Athens as one of the oldest cities in the world.

  • Athens has already experienced almost every form of Government.

Having been inhabited for over 4,000 years, Athens has been submitted to nearly every form of Government known to this day: democracy, monarchy, socialism, capitalism, and even communism.

  • The ancient Olympic were never held in the city of Athens.

Based on the research, the first Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. in Olympia, in Peloponnese, however the city-state of Athens also had its own games, named the Panathenaic Games, since 566 B.C.

  • Athens is a home to the first known democracy.

Need to know that Democracy was found in Athens around 500 B.C. It was based on a direct democracy system, in which eligible the citizens directly voted on laws.

  • Athens has the most theatrical stages in this world.

Apparently, it is understandable that the Greeks take theater very seriously, because the tradition of theater dates back to the time of Athens’ first democracy so that Athens is a home to many theater stages.

  • Athens has not frequently been the capital of Greece.

You have to note that Athens is Greece’s second capital city. After the War of Independence, the Greek capital was Nafplio.

  • The Acropolis has a troubled past.

Although the Parthenon is the central city landmark in the Acropolis, but this sacred temple has known several hardship. During its lifetime, that temple has been utilized as storage for munitions, changed into a church then a mosque, and also widely looted by former Ambassador to Constantinople Lord Elgin. Besides, it served as army barracks and was bombed by the Venetians in 1687.

  • The Athens Metro hid the unexpected archaeological finds.

During construction of the Athens Metro for supporting transportation needs during the 2004 Olympic Games, the works led to the largest archaeological excavation in the Athens area. There were over 50,000 artifacts were excavated. Even, 6 Metro stations displayed several of the finds.

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