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Are you interested in Antarctica? If so, you may want to test your knowledge about Antarctica. Bing has quizzes that can challenge you. In Bing exactly in the Fun section, you are able to find a number of quizzes in different themes. One of the themes is about Antarctica.

Bing Quiz About Antarctica

If you access the Bing Fun quiz section in Bing, you are able to find a lot of quizzes in any theme as explained a little bit above. Can we find a quiz about Antarctica? When we tried to look for it, we found it. We found this quiz in the Homepage quiz section. Here are those 3 questions of the quiz including the answer.

  • Brr! Where is the Cierva Cove?
  1. Antarctic Peninsula
  2. Nunavut, Canada
  3. Tromso, Norway

The Answer: A. Antarctic Peninsula

  • What once-rare critter might you see in the waters here?
  1. Polar Bear
  2. Antarctic puffin
  3. Antarctic fur seal

The Answer: C. Antarctic fur seal

  • The cove was named for Juan de la Cierva. What is his claim to fame?
  1. Antarctic explorer
  2. Fur seal preservationist
  3. Inventor of the autogyro

The Answer: C. Inventor of the autogyro

Examples of Quiz Questions About Antarctica

If you need some more examples of questions about Antarctica, we have some more of them below including the answers and those are taken from some sources such as Cool Antarctica and Go 4 Quiz.

  • Antarctica is..
  1. Sea surrounded by land                           B. Land surrounded by sea

The Answer: B. Land surrounded by sea

  • Antarctica is ..
  1. Almost all exposed land with some glaciers
  2. About half ice and half exposed land
  3. largely ice, with some areas of exposed land

The Answer: C. Largely ice, with some areas of exposed land

  • Where is  Antarctica? Is it at the North Pole or South Pole?
  1. South               B. North

The Answer: A. South

  • Which of the animals below do you not get in Antarctica?
  1. Penguins                        B. Whales                            C. Polar Bears                    D. Seals

The Answer: C. Polar Bears

  • What are the names of the native people of Antarctica?
  1. Antarcticans                  B. South Polians  C. There are no native people of Antarctica

The Answer: C. There are no native people of Antarctica

  • Antarctica has the worlds largest?
  1. Desert                             B. Mountains                     C. Volcano

The Answer: A. Desert

  • How is the size of the biggest land animal in Antarctica?
  1. About 13 m long          B. About 13 cm long        C. About 13 mm long

The Answer: C. About 13 mm long

  • When did humans first See Antarctica?
  1. 500 B.C.           B. 1000 A.D.                        C. 1520 A.D.                        D. 1820 A.D.

The Answer: 1820 A.D.

  • Who named the continent Antarctica?
  1. John George Bartholomew                    C. Mikhail Lazarev
  2. James Cook                           D. Nathaniel Palmer

The Answer: A. John George Bartholomew

  • Antarctica has two meanings. One is ‘Opposite to the Arctic’. Which is the second meaning?
  1. Opposite to the east                                 C. Opposite to the south
  2. Opposite to the north                          D. Opposite to the west

The Answer: B. Opposite to the north

  • What date did James Cook cross the Antarctic Circle firstly?
  1. 17 January 1773                           C. 18 September 1774
  2.  7 February 1821                          D. 16 November 1776

The Answer: A. 17 January 1773

  • When was Antarctica’s continental shelf seen by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen?
  1. 21 December 1824                     C. 22 July 1822
  2. 14 October 1823                          D. 20 January 1820

The Answer: D. 20 January 1820

  • The fact states that Antarctica is the world’s coldest continent. Besides, it is also the world..
  1. Furthest away continent         B. Windiest continent     C. Foggiest continent

The Answer: B. Windiest continent

  • Has Antarctica always been cold?
  1. No, it is used to be tropical
  2. Yes, it has always been covered in thick ice
  3. Yes, but the ice is a lot thinner sometimes

The Answer: A. No, it used to be tropical

  • What date did Henrik Johan Bull land on Antarctica?
  1. 19 April 1875                           C. 31 December 1900
  2. 25 January 1895                           D. 25 August 1890

The Answer: B. 25 January 1895

  • Who was the person to reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911?
  1. Roald Amundsen                       C.  James Clark Ross
  2. Ernest Shackleton                     D.  David Henry Lewis

The Answer: A. Roald Amundsen

  • What is Antarctica’s and world’s southernmost active volcano?
  1. Mount Parry                          C.  Mount Erebus
  2. Mount Minto                          D. Mount Pinatubo

The Answer: C.  Mount Erebus

  • Which country claims Queen Maud Land?
  1. Australia                      C. France
  2. New Zealand                        D. Norway

The Answer: D. Norway

  • Which is the highest peak in Antarctica?
  1. Vinson Massif                         C. Mount Kirkpatrick
  2. Hawkes Heights                        D.  Mount Terror

The Answer: A. Vinson Massif

  • What birds do not breed exclusively in Antarctica?
  1. Emperor penguin                      C. Golden eagle
  2. South Polar skua                         D. Antarctic petrel

The Answer: C. Golden eagle

Bing Antarctica Quiz

About Antarctica

Antarctica is the southernmost continent of the Earth and it has the geographic South Pole. As quoted from Wikipedia, it is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere and it is almost wholly south of the Antarctic Circle.

Antarctica is the coldest, driest and windiest continent. This continent has the highest average elevation of all the continents. The most area of this continent is a polar desert. There are no humans who live in Antarctica permanently, but there are about 1,000 to 5,000 people who live through the year at the science stations in this continent. There are only plants and animals which can live in cold conditions on this continent. Those animals who can live here are seals, penguins, nematodes, mites and tardigrades. How about plants? The plants which can live there such as some grass and shrubs, lichen, algae, fungi and bacteria.

Antarctica is the fifth biggest continent in the world and it is also the most Southern which overlays the South Pole. If you want to visit this continent, you need to brave rough sea crossings aboard ice-strengthened vessels. If you are brave enough to be there, you will get an amazing scenery and unique wildlife.

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