Best 5 iTunes Alternatives for Mac and PC in 2020

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There are plenty of iTunes alternatives that you can choose for Mac and Windows. In fact, iTunes becomes the most sought after by a lot of music lovers to listen to many songs, find the songs’ lyrics and even watch any videos within. Because  there are so many iTunes alternatives that you can use, of course you should choose the best one.

So, let’s see the best 5 iTunes Alternatives which really work for Mac and PC this year!

Best 5 iTunes Alternative for Mac and PC in 2020


The first app for iTunes alternative  that you can choose is Musicbee. This app is a comprehensive audio player completed with streamer features. Musicbee is perfectly designed for tagging and cataloging massive music libraries with industry-standard formats, finding any song lyrics and locating the album art which are shown during song play. This app definitely makes use of your PC’s hardware and supports all modern sound cards.

The Musicbee’s features to satisfy the users are as follow:

  • Musicbee has a feature to import libraries from iTunes or Windows Media Player with a simple automated Wizard.
  • There are a lot of playback options available for you to explore within the app including the ability to normalize volume used to be a notorious problem with iTunes.
  • This app can be used as a streaming app which is compatible with SoundCloud and to make it a great choice for listening to your favorite songs.
  • Musicbee does not just work with every file format but it can also be used to convert audio files from one file format to another or encode them to fit for any other devices.
  • It can remove breaks between tracks.
  • This app supports all Windows platforms such as Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Auto-playlist feature automatically creates a playlist which is updated based on certain features.
  • Musicbee’s theme is changeable. It means that you are able to change the look of Musicbee.
  • Music quality can be enhanced.
  • This app totally has a 15-band equalizer to set the sound quality.

Aside from all the powerhouse features Musicbee is robust, resource-friendly and unbloated making it a worthy iTunes replacement.

How to download and install Musicbee

  • First, go to the official site of Musicbee to download the app. The link at
  • Once you are at the page of Musicbee, you have to find the Download Now button. Click it.
  • Then, you will be directed into the download page. Here, you have to choose the Get Musicbee Installer button. There will be pop up and click Ok. Wait until the downloading process finished.
  • Open the file on your Library to find the download file of Musicbee. Double-click the file to install it. Follow the installation steps until the Musicbee app launches and find it on the desktop.
  • After you find the Musicbee app on the desktop, click it. Then, there will be Scan for Files pop up. Click Scan Now. Wait for a while until Musicbee shows your songs.

Congratulations! Now, you can listen and add some favorite songs to your playlist.


This is the second recommended for replacing iTunes. Indeed, MediaMonkey is a gorgeous and powerhouse media player, a tag manager and a CD ripper/encoder with the ability to cope with any file formats you throw. This app is highly designed to handle large collections of your songs and complex library of audio and video tracks. The good news is this app provides any kind of rule from any sources virtually, on a network, locally stored or streamed from any online sources.

The features of MediaMonkey

  • MediaMonkey can import playlists, ratings from iTunes or Windows Media Player and also show playback history.
  • This app comes to just be available for Windows.
  • MediaMonkey can also be used as a home media server for UPn/DLNA devices from iOS and Android sync. It also can back up video and audio files to the local server and offers statistics and reports on all your media collection.
  • None can change your playlists or settings in party mode.
  • With Auto-DJ, you never run out of music in your playlist.
  • Downloading album art, togging and fetching song lyrics for your media mess is easy and built-in the MediaMonkey’s feature.

How to download and install MediaMonkey

  • First, you need to go to the official site of MediaMonkey at
  • Once you are at the page of MediaMonkey, you have to find the Download MediaMonkey button. Then, click it.
  • The file of MediaMonkey will be automatically downloaded and stored at your download history.
  • Then, open the file that you have downloaded. Then, double-click it.
  • There will be a pop up to install the MediaMonkey. Click Run. Then, you can follow the installation steps until finished.
  • Once the installation is finished, the MediaMonkey app will present automatically on the desktop.
  • You can click the MediaMoney app.
  • Now, you can use the MediaMonkey app to listen to your favorite songs and transfer any files using it.

Don’t forget to explore the app in order to more understand how to use it. Good Luck!!!

3–DearMob iPhone Manager

This media player for the iPhone is all in one software. In other words, the users can use this app for just everything from transferring audio, videos, creating a backup for your device or just anything. Well, the visual of DearMob iPhone Manager is pretty simple and easy to use that can help the users to use this app without any troubles occuring someday.

The feature of DearMob iPhone Manager

  • This app is richly completed with audio management service.
  • The users can find a lot o f compression tools within this app.
  • DearMob iPhone Manager also allows the users to import and export files with security features.
  • The users are able to use this app to back up or restore your devices in a few clicks.

How to download DearMon iPhone Manager

  • First, go to the download page of DearMob iPhone Manager at
  • Once you are at this site, you will find the Buy Now and Free Download button.
  • So, it is based on your choice, if you want a free trial of DearMob iPhone Manager, you can choose the Free Download button. But, if you want to buy it directly, you can click Buy Now.
  • If you choose the Free Download button, you will be required to enter your email and your card information to pay later. Then, the file of the DearMob iPhone manager will be downloaded automatically. Then, you can install it by following the steps same as you install another file on your computer. But, the free trial will be activated for a limited time. When the time is up, you surely cannot use this app. Then, you can also still use this app if you continue to pay.
  • If you choose Buy Now, you directly will purchase it by paying the app for $39.95. The next step, you need to install it on your computer or phone. Well, the installation way is the same as when you install another app on your device.

The difference is when you choose Free Download, you will have a limited time to be able to use this app, then, you have to pay for it or you have to stop using this app. Whereas, if you choose Buy Now, it means that you have an authorization to use it unlimited time. But, someday, there will be a notification to upgrade it. Generally, to update the app, you also need to pay it.


Another great option to replace iTune is WALTR 2. This app is definitely available for Mac and Windows for free trial. It means that you need to purchase it to use the full version of WALTR 2 media player. After all, WALTR 2 is one of the best alternatives that you can choose for replacing iTunes. When you’re using this app, you can also connect your phone using a cable or WI-Fi too.

The features of WALTR 2

  • This app supports every kind of media file.
  • WALTR 2 can support every kind of file.
  • This app is perfectly designed  to make transferring any and all media easily and immediately accessible.
  • It supports PDF and ePUb documents while placing the files in native apps to increase the function of this app.
  • This app supports a vast range of audio and video formats and makes it one of the most best option media players.
  • It works with any iPod ever released and supports WIFI transfer.
  • WALTR 2 presents a more modern fashion MP3 relic lying around the house with good-organized.

If you are interested to use this media player at home, at least you need to prepare your budget. Indeed, the WALTR2 costs  $39.95 with upgrade cost $19.95.

How to download WALTR 2

  • First, go to the site at
  • Once you are at this site, you will find the Buy Now and Free Download button.
  • So, it is based on your choice, if you want a free trial of WALTR 2, you can choose the Free Download button. But, if you want to buy it directly, you can click BUy Now.
  • If you choose the Free Download button, you will be required to enter your email and your card information to pay later.
  • If you choose Buy Now, you directly will purchase it by paying the app for $39.95.
  • Once you choose one of them, you can download the WALTR 2 and install it on your devices.

By downloading and installing WALTR2 on your devices, you definitely can explore and use the app to play any media.


The last best media player for replacing iTunes is TunesGo. This app is perfectly an amazing piece of software from Wondershare which utilizes to provide you a flexible and efficient content managing tool for iOS devices and iTune library. This app is highly designed in light of all the limitations of Apple’s iTunes and improved upon the existing features within.

Need to know, TunesGo is now officially discontinued TunesGO’s convenient design coupled with extra features which were not even available on iTunes. So, this app can potentially be the iTunes substitute for Windows and Mac. TunesGo’s neat and intuitive interface makes it easy to use while allowing you to back up files which iCloud will not back up. Well, the music that you have purchased or downloaded from other devices.

The features of TunesGo

TunesGo makes complex tasks including exporting, importing, backing up and restoring easy.

  • This app provides the optimal solution for restoring media files from iOS devices even when you have no iTunes backup.
  • The users can export audio, video and other files from iOS to any devices and folder.
  • It can convert and optimize imported media files for iOS devices.
  • A straightforward method of copying music and other files between multiple iDevices.

How to download and install TunesGo

  • First, visit the linkhere.  When you want to download TunesGo here, make sure that you already create your account at this site.
  • Then, you will be directed into the downloading page of TunesGo.
  • Once you are at this page, you have to find the Download button. Then, click it to download. Wait the downloading process until it finishes. The downloading files will be stored automatically in your library.
  • Find TunesGo files on your library, generally the TunesGo files come with a Zip file. So, you have to extract the file before you install it.
  • Once you extracted the file, you need to open it. Find Setup and double-click on it. Follow the installation steps.
  • The TunesGo app will be automatically on the desktop.
  • It is time to launch the app. Then, to make it easy to use, you have to register first on this app.
  • After you register, you also need to activate TunesGo.
  • To activate it, open the TunesGO file that you have extracted before. Find Activation, click copy.
  • Now, open the location of the TunesGo file in your library. Then, paste it here.
  • Click Activation, right-click and choose Run as Administrator. Then, follow the steps.

Now, TunesGo can be used and you can explore it satisfyingly.

Well, those are the best 5 iTunes Alternative for Mac and PC in 2020 that  have the gorgeous performance to play any media files.

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