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Are you a true fans of Academy Awards? If you are true fans, you should be able to answer the quiz questions of Academy Awards quiz correctly. If you want to test your knowledge about Academy Awards so that you can measure how much you know about Academy Awards, you are able to try to take Academy Awards quiz.

If you take Academy Awards quiz, of course the questions will be about it so having enough information about it is needed if you want to get high score. The quiz can be in the form of multiple choices or essay. But if you take the quiz in Bing, the quiz will be in the form of multiple choices so that it will be easier for you to choose the answers from the existing options.

Academy Awards is also known as Oscars and they are awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry. These awards are an international recognition of excellence in cinematic achievements as assessed by the voting membership of the Academy. The winners of various category are given an award in the form of a copy of a golden statuette which is called the Academy Award of Merit and it is more commonly referred to by its nickname, the Oscar. The award was sculpted by George Stanley from a design sketch by Cedric Gibbons and AMPAS firstly presented it in 1929 at the private dinner which was hosted by Douglas Fairbanks in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The ceremony of Academy Awards was broadcast for the first time in 1930 and was televised firstly in 1953. This show is the oldest worldwide entertainment awards ceremony and now it is televised live worldwide.

If you want to take the Academy Awards quiz, it is better for you to learn first. Here, we have some examples of questions and you are able to learn them.

1. Do you know who is the only African American woman to win a Best Actress Oscar?

a. Hattie McDaniel
b. Halle Berry
c. Whoopi Goldberg
d. Jennifer Hudson

2. What film series has won more than one Academy Award for Best Picture category?

a. Rocky
b. James Bond
c. The Lord of the Rings
d. The Godfather

3. Who is the only person to get both an Oscar and the Nobel Prize?

a. John Steinbeck
b. Al Gore
c. Jane Fonda
d. George Bernard Shaw

4. Who is the oldest woman to win an Academy Award for acting?

a. Katharine Hepburn
b. Helen Mirren
c. Geraldine Page
d. Jessica Tandy

5. Do you know who is the youngest winner of an acting Academy Award?

a. Anna Paquin
b. Mary Badham
c. Tatum O’Neal
d. Abigail Breslin

6. What movies have the most Academy Award nominations?

a. Titanic and All About Eve
b. Shakespeare in Love and Forest Gump
c. Gone With The Wind and Titanic
d. All About Eve and Gone With the Wind

Those are some examples of Academy Award quiz that we are able to give. You are able to try to answer the quiz above first and then try the Academy Award quiz in Bing.

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