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Physical exercise is the performance of several activities to develop or maintain physical fitness and overall health. Also, it is often directed toward honing athletic ability or skill.

Regular physical exercise is a crucial component in the prevention of some diseases such as cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Now, let us start taking this quiz to test your knowledge about physical exercise.

Bing Physical Exercise Quiz

1. What is the best form of exercise?

A. Aerobics.
B. Yoga.
C. A combination of cardiovascular exercise, stretching and strength training.
D. Working out with weight machines.

2. Which is the most balanced exercise plan?

A. Walking, yoga and weight lifting.
B. Running, tennis and weight lifting.
C. Running, cycling and weight lifting.
D. Running, weight lifting, and swimming.

3. What is considered physical activity?

A. walking
B. chores
C. sports
D. all of the above

4. Once you exercise aerobically, you should feel:

A. Your heart is beating wildly. Even breathless.
B. No change in breathing. You do not have to tax your heart too much.
C. An increase in breathing rate, but the ability to carry on a conversation.
D. The need to hold your breath.

5. What is the toughest workout?

A. Shopping.
B. Doing laundry.
C. Pushing a lawn mower.
D. Running.

6. Which is not a good warm-up exercise?

A. Big arm circles.
B. Foam rolling.
C. Hamstring stretches.
D. High knees.

7. If you are lifting weights, you have to?

A. Hold your breath as you are lifting.
B. Inhale your breath as you are lifting.
C. You do not need to pay attention to your breathing.
D. Exhaling as you are lifting

8. What target heart rate should you aim for during cardio?

A. Twice your resting heart rate.
B. Three times your resting heart rate.
C. 50 percent to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate.
D. Twice times your resting heart rate.

9. Which should you apply if you think you have strained a muscle?

A. Ice.
B. Heat.
C. Pressure.
D. All of the above.

10. When should you do the stretching exercises?

A. After your body is already warmed up.
B. As a method to warm up your body for an aerobic or weight-training exercise session.
C. In the car on the way to the gym.
D. In the car on the way home from the gym.

11. Which mind-body exercise will improve your fitness?

A. Yoga.
B. Pilates.
C. Tai chi.
D. All of the above.

12. Which weighs more, fat or muscle?

A. Fat.
B. Muscle.
C. This is a trick question.
D. All of the above.

13. Which of the following is not an instance of vigorous exercise?

A. Mowing the lawn.
B. Carrying more than 45 pounds.
C. Heavy snow shoveling.
D. Running.

14. How many calories are in a pound of fat?

A. 500.
B. 1200.
C. 3500.
D. 2000.

15. About how lots of adults get the recommended amount of exercise?

A. 1 in 10.
B. 2 in 10.
C. 3 in 10.
D. 4 in 10.

16. Which exercise will be considered a cardiovascular endurance activity?

A. Cycling.
B. Jump Roping.
C. Running.
D. All of the above.

17. Which activity would be considered a muscular endurance activity?

A. Push Up.
B. Curl Ups.
C. Weight lifting.
D. A and B only.

18. What type of activity is considered to be a flexibility activity?

A. Jumping.
B. Laying down.
C. Stretching.
D. Swimming.

19. Flexibility is an essential aspect of fitness. Which of the statements below describes the term of flexibility?

A. Form of physical activity which is designed to boost health.
B. The range of movement at a joint.
C. The ability to move from one position to another position easily.
D. A performer who takes on lots of different roles.

20. Which of these statements describes a fitness benefit brought about by the principle of reversibility?

A. Fortunately I did not miss much training due to my injury, but I found that when I did start retraining I could not do as much physical work.
B. I had to give up training because I was expecting too much from myself and caused an injury.
C. Now I can lift more weight than I could before.
D. I have lower blood pressure now due to the way that I have gradually increased my training workload.

21. Which statement is a possible effect of regular training on the circulatory system?

A. Lower blood pressure.
B. Lower resting heart rate.
C. Increase in heart rate.
D. Increase in breathing rate and blood production.

22. Which of these statements, A, B, C or D is due to isometric muscle contraction?

A. Run across the mat to get speed for a somersault.
B. Cartwheel across the floor.
C. Forward roll.
D. Holding a headstand still for three seconds.

23. Which statement is health definition?

A. Health is how well a task is completed.
B. Health is a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being.
C. Health is an ability to fill the demands of the environment.
D. Health is form of physical activity done primarily to boost one’s health and physical fitness.

24. Which of the following statements is a benefit of a cool down?

A. Reduces the risk of muscle stiffness after exercise.
B. Increases the production of lactic acid.
C. Increases blood flow around the body.
D. Reduces the chance of injury during activity.

25. Which of the below is a correct statement regarding the reaction time?

A. The time taken to do a movement.
B. The longer a runner takes to react to the starter’s gun , so the quicker his time will be.
C. The time between the presentation of stimulus and the start of the movement.
D. It is a component of health that is related to exercise.

Well, the text above is a list of questions for Physical Exercise Quiz. Ensure you think as a fitness professional rather than taking it as a Physical Exercise or personal fitness quiz. The answers that you choose might be right according to you but they might differ to other people.

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